Piyush Mishra Sleep With A Dead Body: Bollywood's famous actor Piyush Mishra is not only an amazing actor but is also a brilliant musician and singer and he has also written an amazing book named 'Tumhari Aukaat Kya. Hai Piyush Mishra' (Tumhari Auqat Kya Hai Piyush Mishra) The special thing about this book was that the actor had told about every moment of his life about which the fans would hardly know and he was very honest in this story. In every way, he has presented himself in front of the fans, and in this, he has told the story in which he once slept with a dead body, and when he woke up in the morning, he was shocked, so let us know what it is. The whole story.

Piyush slept with a dead body in Mumbai city

In Piyush Mishra's book 'Tumhari Aukaat Kya Hai Piyush Mishra', he shares many funny stories in it and also remembers a dark incident in his life and that was when he was sitting on a track in Mumbai city the whole night. Slept next to the dead body. So let us know how these incidents happened and why they happened.

Piyush drunk

During the interview with Lallantop, Piyush Mishra said that he had become addicted to alcohol during his struggle in Mumbai. Piyush says that he was suffering from alcoholism to such an extent that his money was running out, but his alcohol addiction remained and once he got into a huge fight with Nickel and the landlord after drinking alcohol and after that, I told him to stay till 11 o'clock. So and after that, I will vacate your room and after this, I will find my next place in Dadar.

Piyush used to sleep on the footpath by paying Rs 10

Piyush then said that Dadar was my new place and there was a very strange sleeping arrangement in Dadar. There was a track and a foot above it was the sidewalk. There was a charge of five rupees for sleeping on the track and 10 rupees for the footpath and that difference was because the train could pass on the track. In such a situation, they started sleeping on the footpath and at night a man would kick and take 10 rupees and everyone had to sleep with money in hand, so that after kicking you could immediately give him 10 rupees.

I woke up in the morning and found out that I was sleeping with a dead body.

The actor said, that there was another person there who was very addicted to smack. Due to this addiction, one day he took an overdose. Due to this he died while sleeping at night. Piyush said- I came to know about this after waking up in the morning when I saw her face. Unknowingly I had spent an entire night sleeping next to a dead body. Piyush says that he lost his breath after seeing this. After that, he immediately decided to leave Mumbai. Piyush returned to Delhi.