Die-hard fans of Indian TV shows can never forget Mini Mathur's face. Mini, who has also tried her hand at acting, has hosted many big reality shows on TV. Mini Mathur, who appeared in the first season of the famous music reality show 'Indian Idol', has hosted 6 seasons of this show. Mini is one of the first faces of Indian TV who impressed the public with her work as a host. 

Mini, who has 28 years of experience in hosting shows, has said that nowadays there is no need for any skill as a host. Mini made a shocking revelation and also said that while replacing her on a big show, the producers had given such a reason that broke her heart. 

Shows Mini, who is looking for success in shortcuts, 
raised questions about the skills of the hosts of the reality show running nowadays. He said that there was a time when the industry used to invest in preparing TV hosts. In a conversation with Hindustan Times, he said, 'It seems that no skill is required. Just pick someone who has big social media followers or who is acting in a popular daily soap, put the words in the teleprompter, and get ready to host. And since these presenters are not committed to becoming TV hosts, producers have to fill the show with unnecessary spectacle to appeal to the most common people. 

Mini said that her co-hosts were very honest about the 'reality' of the human drama factor in the shows. He did not manipulate the audience and nothing was artificial. Mini said, 'We were just doing what a TV host is expected to do'. Our connection with the contestants was real. We cried and rejoiced with him – it was all not scripted. 

Mini was replaced due to pregnancy. 
Mini had hosted the first 3 seasons of 'Indian Idol' with great success and the audience also liked her a lot. However, due to her pregnancy, she had to take a break from this show. After becoming a mother, Mini returned as a host and hosted many shows on music. 

Talking about being replaced from a show due to pregnancy, Mini made a shocking revelation. Mini said, 'When I was pregnant, the producer of a big show, which I was hosting for several seasons, told me that the Indian audience does not like to see pregnant women on TV. This broke my heart. 

Talking about being replaced, Mini said that she had shot excellent pilot episodes for a signature show like the international show host Opera. But he was told that to justify the budget of the show, the channel would bring in a big film star. Mini said, 'Could such shows work? Do you remember any such show? Because actors act. Surgeons perform surgeries, bakers bake, and TV presenters host. However, Mini liked the work of Bollywood celebs like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, and Salman Khan as hosts.

Mini said that her career as a TV host was excellent and she never had any shortage of money. But now she does not want to work in mass entertainment. He said, 'Now if I want to grow, I will have to produce my own unscripted content for OTT, create my own niche.