5 Famous Dishes Of Rajasthan: Rajasthani food is very much liked all over the country for its special taste. If you are also planning to visit Rajasthan, then do not forget to taste these 5 dishes there. 

Gatte Ki Sabzi: Gatte Ki Sabzi is made from gram flour. A lot of spices, tomatoes , and onions are added to it. Gatte is eaten with great fondness in Rajasthan.   


Lal Maas: If you are fond of non-veg food then do not forget to eat Lal Maas in Rajasthan. This dish made from mutton is very tasty. 


Ker Sangri: This traditional Rajasthani dish made from ker i.e. wild plum and sangri (dried beans) is also very tasty to eat.   

Papad vegetable: Papad vegetables cooked in spicy and spicy gravy are also eaten with great relish in Rajasthani homes.   

Onion Kachori: In Rajasthan, you can find Onion Kachori on streets to big hotels. This is the favorite breakfast of Rajasthanis.