New Delhi: Swapna Shastra: According to dream science, some dreams are good and some are bad. While sleeping, we all sometimes see some dreams, which are auspicious or inauspicious. Dreams have a deep impact on our lives. According to dream science, if a person sees these five types of dreams, he should never ignore them. These can completely change anyone's life. Let us know about them:

Seeing mango in a dream: 
According to dream science, seeing a mango in a dream is also considered a very auspicious dream. The time has come for your sorrows to end and happiness will soon come in your life. You will get money soon. You can get money even from where you have no expectations.   

Seeing a crow flying in a dream
: According to dream science, everything is possible in dreams. If you see a crow flying in your dream, then it is considered a very auspicious dream. It is believed that this dream is a sign of the end of a person's bad days and moving forward in the future. According to dream science, it is believed that by seeing such a dream, every wish of a person is fulfilled.

Seeing a deep river in a dream: 
According to dream science, this dream also gives you an auspicious sign. There will be peace in life. You will get respect in the society, you may be invited to some honor ceremony. There will be a lot of profit in the job. Seeing something floating in the river in your dream gives you a good sign. This means that whatever complications are currently going on in your life, the time has come to end.