Global market: Today good signals are being received from international markets. Asian markets are trading strongly. A jump of 65 points is being seen in Gift Nifty. Yesterday, flat business was seen in America. Gold's record rally continues. COMEX GOLD remains above $ 2300 an ounce. Prices have risen for the seventh consecutive day due to purchases by the Central Bank.

US Market: US markets closed flat yesterday before the inflation data. However, Wells Fargo raised its year-end S&P500 target to 5535 from 4625. US bank Wells Fargo says the triggers are increased expectations around artificial intelligence and possibly reduced borrowing costs. The week has started off slow ahead of US inflation and first-quarter earnings season. On the other hand, the 10-year US bond yield has reached its highest level since November. Bond yields continue to rise as there is a greater focus on the strong US growth backdrop. On the other hand, gold seems to be setting another high at $2358. With the ceasefire completely unclear, Brent oil prices are hovering around $91.

Asian markets boom

Today, business is being seen on the rise in Asian markets. Gift Nifty is seen with a gain of 65 points at 22,841.50. At the same time, the Nikkei is seen around 39,551.67 with a rise of 202.36 points or about 0.51 percent. The pace of Straits Times also seems to be on the rise. It is trading with a gain of 26.88 points or 0.83 percent. At the same time, Taiwan's market is seen at the level of 20,656.57 with an increase of 241.95 points or 1.19 percent. While Hong Kong's Hang Seng is trading at the level of 16,887.50 with a gain of 155 points or 0.93 percent. However, Kospi is showing a weakness of 0.11 percent. Shanghai Composite is also trading at the level of 3,037.26 with a decline of 8.66 points or 0.20 percent.