The bond of husband-wife relationship rests on trust and love. Both share everything with each other, but do you know that everyone has some secret? There are many things that husbands do not share with their wives, while there are many things that wives hide very carefully from their husbands.

Just because women hide such things from their husbands does not mean that they cheat on their husbands. Sometimes to maintain their relationship and sometimes to maintain peace in their home, they are forced to hide some things from their partner.

In Chanakya Niti, nature has been explained based on the structure of the organs. It is said that the structure of every part of a human being reflects his personality. According to Lips, things related to human nature and behavior have also been mentioned in the scriptures. Women's lips not only reflect their beauty but can also be known about their personality.

It is said in Chanakya Niti that you can assess the qualities, nature, and future of any woman just by looking at her lips. So let us know what your lips say about your nature and future.

Thick Lips: People whose lips are thick and full of flesh are of angry nature. Sometimes they also become very emotional. Although their nature is a bit stubborn. Their mind remains disturbed and they also lack patience.

bigger lips than normal

If the size of a woman's lips is larger than normal, then such women have a great attachment to religion. She is religious. He has full faith in God. She remembers God before doing any work.

red lips:

Women whose lips are red are considered auspicious. According to Samudrika Shastra, such people become rich in the future.

Very long lips:

Having very long lips is not considered good. Such women have a strong sense of lust. Apart from this, they also do not have control over their eating habits.

thin lips

Women who have thin lips move ahead in their lives. She gets success in whatever work she does. At the same time, if a woman's lips are crooked then such women have to face a lot of difficulties in life. However, after hard work, they get success in life.

pink lips

Any woman whose lips are red like rose petals is very lucky. Their life is full of wealth and such women also live a happy life. However, women who have dark lips and blemishes often face financial challenges in their lives.

Women whose lips are absolutely pink and sit evenly on each other. Such women are considered very lucky. They get all the happiness and glory in life.

Meaning of mole under lip

It is told in Chanakya Niti that a woman who has a mole on her upper lip has a very happy life and is very gentle by nature. Apart from this, if the mole is on the lower lip then it indicates that the woman is fond of expensive things and wishes to live a comfortable life.

mole on lip

At the same time, it is said in Chanakya Niti that if a woman has a mole on her right side, then she loves her life partner very much. There is good coordination between the two. They take their decisions keeping their spouse in mind. These people believe in their hard work more than luck. They are fond of living a luxurious life. They are far-sighted and do not tolerate wrongdoings of people.

mole in the middle of the lower lip

It is mentioned in Chanakya Niti that girls who have a mole in the middle of their lower lip. Such women are very emotional. They think about something for hours, but they are multitaskers. Their love life is quite romantic.