There was a stir in the Phase-2 area of ​​Noida when two small children who had gone to take a bath in the Hindon River suddenly drowned. People nearby informed the police station Phase-2 about the incident. Tried to find the children with the help of divers who reached the spot. It is being told that the families of both the children had gone to work. Meanwhile, the children reached Hindon River to take a bath.

According to the information, 8-year-old Ashish Kumar and 11-year-old Abhishek lived with their family near Pusta in the Police Station Phase-2 area. His family members had gone for the job on Friday. During this time the children reached Hindon River to take a bath. Both the children took off their clothes on the bank of the river and jumped into the river to take a bath. At the same time, after going too deep the children suddenly drowned.

'Even after several hours, the children were not found'

The eyewitnesses present there informed the local police. As soon as information about the incident was received, Police Station Phase-2 reached the spot and started searching for both of them with the help of divers. However, even after several hours, the children were not found. It is being told that earlier also children used to go to Hindon river to take bath.

Children are residents of Bulandshahr and Badaun.

In this, one child is originally from Bulandshahr, and the other is from Badaun. After the incident, there is chaos in the families of both children Ashish Kumar and Abhishek. Police have also talked to the people present at the spot during the incident. Police have engaged divers to search for the children. However, the children have not been found yet.