Petrol-Diesel Price Today 31 March 2024: New petrol and diesel prices have been released across the country today, i.e. Sunday. No major change was seen in fuel prices at the national level. The price of fuel in India is decided according to the international crude oil prices. Let us know what oil prices have been fixed in UP's capital Lucknow and in the state's major cities Noida, Ghaziabad, Varanasi, Prayagraj and Kanpur.

On Sunday, 31 March 2024, people were given relief in the price of petrol and diesel in all the districts of UP. Let us know the prices of fuel-- 

Petrol Rs 94.69
Diesel Rs 87.81

petrol Rs 94.88
Diesel Rs 87.99

Petrol Rs 94.61
Diesel Rs 87.73

petrol Rs 94.31
Diesel Rs 87.33

petrol Rs 94.92
Diesel Rs 88.08

petrol Rs 94.70
Diesel Rs 87.79

Petrol Rs 94.36
Diesel Rs 87.41

Petrol Rs 94.83
Diesel Rs 87.96

Petrol Rs 95.01
Diesel Rs 88.14

Petrol Rs 94.65
Diesel Rs 87.75

Know the prices sitting at home: 
You can know the prices of petrol and diesel sitting at home by san sending an SMS. If you are a consumer of Indian Oil, then write RSP and your city code and send it to number 9224992249, BPCL consumer has to write RSP and city code and send it to number 9223112222. After this, you will be given all the information through SMSconsumersonsumer will have to write HPPrice and city code and send it to 9222201122.