New Delhi: Numerology 2024: Today is Wednesday. The importance of each number is explained in numerology. Based on your radix number, numerology tells whether your stars are favorable today or not. What challenges might you have to face today or what kind of opportunities might you get today? It is believed that in numerology an attempt is made to know the future of a person through numbers. 

If a person is born on 28th March then the sum of the digits of his date of birth is 2+8=10. So 1 will be called the radix number of that person. In numerology, auspicious number and auspicious color are also predicted from the radix number.

Number 1
may have to be heard today at the workplace. You can prepare for this by facing your fears and making wise decisions. Today's lucky number is 4 and the lucky color is saffron.

Number 2:
Give utmost priority to issues like children's health, marriage, and employment today. Will be more emotional towards his family. Take out some free time for yourself. Today's lucky number is 2 and lucky color is white.


Number 3
Today: If any of you are preparing to start a start-up, you will get the necessary financial benefits. Think, understand, and solve your problems. Today's lucky color is 7 and lucky color is pink.

Number 4:
Today you will get the full support of luck. Today there is a possibility of making new relationships and staying busy. Your loved ones will know and appreciate your creative side. Today's lucky number is 5 and lucky color is red.


Number 5:
Today you will spend most of your time with your parents. Enjoy your newfound fame and recognition. Be careful about domestic matters. Today's lucky number is 6 and lucky color is red.

Number 6
Today you are going to face a situation where a boss who has been very close to you for a long time. Because you are not satisfied with your current financial situation, you would like to gain more knowledge. Today's lucky number is 5 and lucky color is blue.

Number 7:
There is every possibility of financial problems getting resolved today. Love and compassion for your loved ones are both beautiful expressions. Express your feelings too, just take care not to hurt anyone. Today's lucky number is 6 and lucky color is yellow. 

Number 8: There is a possibility of some obstruction in some work today. Can be a good experience for you. You may have never felt so satisfied with your work before. Today's lucky number is 8 and lucky color is green.

 Number 9: Today is going to be a mixed day for you. Take time out for your family and children. Diplomacy will go a long way. Today's lucky number will be 18 and lucky color will be golden.