Aries- Will carry forward the desired work. Will emphasize on creativity and innovation. Memory power will get strengthened. Will make the most of it. Will maintain emphasis on values. Will follow the policy and customs. The standard of living will remain high. Will pursue creative work. There will be simplicity and gentleness in personality. Will increase interest in family matters. Will maintain expenditure and investment as per budget. Will be involved in religious activities. There is a possibility of travel. Joy and happiness will increase. Will maintain momentum.

Lucky numbers: 3, 7 and 9

Auspicious color: saffron

Taurus- Will move ahead with wisdom. Will maintain focus on matters of distant countries. Will try to maintain relationships. Will increase compliance with policy rules. Will be able to speed up necessary work. Will be comfortable in meeting. There will be sensitivity towards close ones. You will get support from close ones. Avoid making business mistakes. Don't get into arguments or disputes. Will remain disciplined. Vinay will maintain discretion. Do not show haste and haste. Maintain charity. Will work politely. Work arrangements will be maintained.

Lucky numbers: 5 and 6

Lucky color: Pineapple

Gemini- Economic achievements will get a boost. Will increase efforts in commercial business. Will meet influential people. Will be excited by the expected results. Economic management will remain better. Income and expenditure will increase. Important efforts will gain momentum. Will be good at writing. Avoid loan transactions. There will be a situation of profit and improvement all around. Will keep emphasis on expanding work. There will be support from colleagues and friends. Will increase control over the situation. Will work with discipline. Will capitalize on opportunities.


Lucky numbers: 3 and 5  

Auspicious colour: Amla-like

Cancer- Work energy will be better. Managerial matters will be better in economic and commercial matters. Attractive offers will be received. Ancestral and administrative work will be completed. The possibility of profit from various sources will be on the rise. There will be support from those responsible and superiors. Will be excited by the desired results. Plans will get support. Respect and influence will increase. Will maintain easy communication. Professional talks will improve. Time management will be better. Positive results will be created. There will be a feeling of cooperation and support.

Lucky numbers: 2, 5 and 7  

Lucky color: orange

Leo- There will be a boom in career and business. Luck will increase. There will be positive effects all around. Opportunities will remain on the edge. There will be emphasis on higher education. Focus on the target will increase. Long distance travel is possible. Will get cooperation with colleagues. Contacts will increase communication. There will be a boom in business. Desired achievements will be made. You will get success everywhere. Faith and spirituality will get strength. You will receive good news. Will be better in interviews. Will take interest in religious events. Will move forward without hesitation.

Lucky numbers: 1 3 5 and 7

Auspicious colour: golden

Virgo- Keep moving forward with caution. Maintain natural caution. Maintain sweetness in your speech and behavior. Increase patience in important tasks. There will be auspiciousness in the family. Will complete the work in cooperation with loved ones. Will have mutual trust. There will be focus on policy rules. Avoid taking initiative. Do not violate the system. Work out politely. Respect everyone. Improve your routine. Proceed with ease. Avoid getting involved in people's talk. Maintain rules and discipline. Increase humility.

Lucky numbers: 3, 5 and 7      

Auspicious colour: marshy

Libra- Will maintain clarity in partnership efforts. Will maintain team spirit. There will be a positive environment for industry and trade. Necessary work will be completed soon. Will move forward taking everyone along. There will be ease in personal relationships. Will be able to improve his leadership abilities. Partners will be equal partners. Land building works will be completed. Effective efforts will gain momentum. Will show speed. Reputation and respect will remain. Will fulfill responsibilities well. Will take decisions after thinking. Will take care of health.

Lucky numbers: 5, 6 and 7

Auspicious color: Vasanti

Scorpio- There will be faith in hard work. Will maintain control during the interview. Will increase caution towards health. Will take forward important action plans. Will maintain time management. Will move forward with hard work and dedication. Decision making ability will be strong. Economic efforts will be made through hard work and dedication. There will be easy success. Will perform well in the service sector. Will maintain from seniors and experienced people. Will avoid greed and temptation. Will go by budget. Increase curbs on carelessness. Do not do loan transactions. Maintain rules and discipline.

Lucky numbers: 3, 7 and 9  

Auspicious color: Apple red

Sagittarius- Will be full of enthusiasm and confidence. The success percentage will be high. Will be better in exam competition. Will show activeness in professional matters. Will impress everyone with his intelligence. Work performance will be on the mend. Will listen carefully to elders. Will be involved in creative work. Will continue to move forward without any hesitation. The percentage of compatibility will be on the rise. Will spend memorable time with friends. Tours will become opportunities for entertainment. Profit percentage will increase. Interest in modern subjects will remain.


Lucky numbers: 3, 7 and 9  

Auspicious color: Sunrise

Capricorn- Maintain sensitivity in domestic matters. Emphasize integrity. Building and vehicle efforts will gain momentum. Attainment of material things is possible. Will not get emotional. Will be successful in career and business. Keep moving forward with ease. Will avoid taking initiative in domestic matters. The percentage of compatibility will be normal. Will keep in touch with those responsible. Be reticent. Focus on personal matters will increase. Will move forward by maintaining coordination with family members. Management will remain better. Parental side will be supportive. Be spontaneous.

Lucky numbers: 5, 7 and 8

Auspicious color: yellow

Aquarius- Will live together with all close ones. Will show enthusiasm in social activities. Contact communication will increase. Will accomplish immediate goals. Will take interest in family matters. There may be a business trip. There will be emphasis on debate and dialogue. Will give up laziness. Will avoid useless discussions. Hesitation will go away. Working situation will improve. Everyone will be impressed by your courage and bravery. Will be active in social activities. Will take advantage of experience and qualifications. Will move forward without hesitation.

Lucky number: 5 7 8  

Lucky color: yellow

Pisces- Will maintain grandeur and grooming. Will be influential in blood relations. It is time to accelerate efforts for wealth. Will carry forward ancestral work. Will remain a good host. Guests will come. Will be ahead in great work. Will be excited by positivity and success. Will be effective in collection conservation. Will maintain the trust of family members. The percentage of compatibility will be high. Happiness and joy will increase in the family. Will win everyone's heart with behavior. Will increase interaction with close ones. Will welcome the guest.

Lucky numbers: 3 and 7

Auspicious colour: Turmeric