WhatsApp upcoming feature: A new feature is being rolled out by WhatsApp. These features can prove to be very helpful for WhatsApp users. It is known that in today's time, the trend of video has increased a lot. People share a lot of memes, and motivational and inspirational videos. You also put it on your status, but while putting the video in WhatsApp status, sometimes the entire video does not play.

What is the problem?

The reason for this is that WhatsApp Status supports your short videos. If your video is too long, then users will not be able to share it on status, but now WhatsApp has come up with a solution for this.

new feature coming

The new update is being rolled out by WhatsApp under the Google Play Beta program. For this, a new version update is being given. In the new update of WhatsApp, users will be able to share videos of up to 1 minute on their status. It has been made available to some beta testers.

You will be able to share contacts in WhatsApp status

Apart from this, WhatsApp is working on a new feature, which can be seen in the Android update of WhatsApp Beta. With the help of this feature, you will be able to update the contact in WhatsApp status. This feature will also have the facility that if someone's contact is shared, he will get a notification. The notification is being given keeping in mind the privacy and security of the user.